Laravel E-Commerce Restful API

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Laravel E-Commerce Restful API

Laravel E-Commerce Restful API


Laravel E-Commerce Restful API Free Course:

What Is An API?

So we are living in a world of internet where internet is everything.

And to access the internet, we have a Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

This world that means the internet working on a simple protocol which is called HyperText Transport Protocol.

In the Begining of the internet, the Internet is designed to share information between one computer.

But we live in 2018 and this means we need a machine to machine talking and what is that?

Suppose you have one machine and another machine both machines are work on a different kind of operating systems, Different Language, Different situation and they have to share the data between this two machine.

And all these processes happen without the involvement of the Humans.

but do we need to machine to machine talking?

Let me explain to you IOT is a future. and IOT stands for Internet Of Things.

In the future you have your house or you have a car and you can access your house or you can open and close the doors remotely.

And the car itself sends the information about how much fuel in it, or a speed of the car on your mobile phone.

so for this purpose we have to use API.

API stands for Application Program Interface.

API allows software communicates with each other.

Types Of API:

Three Types of API

  • Local
  • Web
  • Program

But in Laravel E-commerce Restful API Course, We only need to work with Web API.

What Concept Will You Learn In Laravel E-Commerce Restful API Free Course?

How to use Postman for checking API endpoints.

Creating Model, Migration, Factory and seeding of data in laravel.

How to transform any model for your API.

How to set up environments in Postman.

How to implements meta links in API.

How to use Laravel new Resource as the transformer.

How to transform single data and also a collection of data.

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